2014 Releases

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Isidore - December 2014

  • Fixed a bug in Tests & Quizzes that would cause an "accept until date error" to be displayed on the screen
  • Made "List of Events" the default in the Schedule tool (based on student feedback)
  • Fixed a bug where duplicating a site would cause an image on the Home tool to not be displayed
  • Improved the student experience for taking an assessment by displaying the WYSIWYG editor by default on essay questions

Isidore - November 2014

  • Made drastic visual improvements to the user interface in the Gradebook (part 2)
  • Added an "ignore spaces" option to fill in the blank questions in Tests & Quizzes

Isidore - October 2014

  • Made drastic visual improvements to the user interface in the Gradebook (part 1)

Isidore - September 2014

  • Added "days until your password expires" feature to Isidore
  • Added academic year, student advisor, and major to Profile and Roster
  • Relabeled buttons in Site Info for clarify (i.e. Rename/Reorder Tools -> Manage Tools; Edit Tools -> Add/Remove Tools)
  • Fixed a bug where the time limit was showing incorrectly for the instructor in Tests & Quizzes
  • Froze the course grade column in the Gradebook

Isidore - August 2014

  • Fixed a bug where quick create stopped working for true/false questions in Tests & Quizzes
  • Added "average score" option back to Tests & Quizzes
  • Changed the way course names are displayed on the tabs for clarity
  • Changed visual appearance of the "More Sites" menu
  • Changed the name of some items for clarify (i.e. My Workspace -> My Account; Worksite Setup -> My Courses)
  • Changed the "Details" link in Gradebook to read "Edit/Grade"
  • Added "Print" functionality to Lessons pages
  • Added an extra credit option in Gradebook

Isidore - June 2014

  • Added a "Create New Site" button to all instructors' "My Account" pages
  • Fixed a performance issue with extended time delivery

Isidore - June 2014

  • Fixed a bug where students couldn't see the 5 minute pop-up warning in Tests & Quizzes
  • Added an easier way to create extended time exams and alternate time exams

Isidore - May 2014

  • Fixed a bug where double calendars showed up when date releasing a Lessons page
  • Made Blogs tool sortable by last name
  • Added middle initials to Isidore
  • Added copies of forum buttons (i.e. Mark As Read) to bottom of page as well

Isidore - March 2014

  • Fixed a bug where assignments couldn't be posted with the peer review option enabled

Isidore - March 2014

  • Created a visual indicator in the Forums tool when a topic or forum is group-released
  • Updated visual appearance of audio recorder buttons

Isidore - February 2014

  • Cleaned up the Tests & Quizzes settings page

Isidore - January 2014

  • Fixed a bug where feedback attachments in Tests & Quizzes weren't being displayed to students
  • Added a "Help me with the new layout" button in Tests & Quizzes
  • Improved the visual appearance of the recording page in Tests & Quizzes

* indicates a major release / upgrade

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