2019 Releases

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Revision as of 16:19, 28 February 2019 by Lbergman1 (talk | contribs) - February 2019

  • Fixed a bug where the default view of Calendar couldn't be saved
  • Fixed a bug where the point requirement for Assignments in Lessons wasn't checked
  • Fixed a bug where unanswered hot spot question was recorded as answered in QP panel when progress was saved
  • Fixed a bug where the extra credit question setting wasn't retained when a course was duplicated
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow you to remove the date on a gradebook item
  • Fixed a bug where chat room only displayed 100 messages
  • Fixed a bug where trying to view category statistics in Gradebook resulted in a bug
  • Fixed a bug where average course grade didn't display the correct letter
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect letter grade displayed when the course grade was exactly on the break between letter grades
  • Installed Zoom tool (currently stealthed)
  • Improved emails from CompFolio that are received by the instructor
  • Added the ability for instructors to reopen 'Completed' items in CompFolio
  • Improve the submission/feedback page for students & instructor in CompFolio
  • Rename/Reordered Announcements tabs to make them similar to Assignments
  • Renamed/Reordered Calendar tabs to make them similar to Assignments
  • Improved the display of long gradebook item names without spaces by wrapping and truncating
  • Added Select All feature On Gradebook Item Import Selection Page
  • Turned off visible autosave alert in ck editor because it was misleading - January 2019

  • Released the OASSA Progress Reports tool