2020 Releases

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Revision as of 12:49, 3 September 2020 by Lbergman1 (talk | contribs) - September 2020

  • Removed the "maximize" button from the 2 column layout of the Overview tool
  • Removed the "Transfer Files" tab from Drop Box so it's easier to understand how to upload files
  • Fixed a bug with Lessons items where clicking on some links directed individuals to the login page
  • Updated the Progress Reports (OASSA) tool to help it perform better in the new version of Isidore
  • Improved the appearance of the assessment timer in Tests & Quizzes so that it was easier to view and understand
  • Fixed a bug when grading in Forum from the Statistics & Grading > By Topic page
  • Made adjusting assessment settings easier by auto-filling the open, due, and late submission dates on new assessments in Tests & Quizzes
  • Made adjusting time exceptions easier by auto-filling the open, due, and late submission dates when setting up exceptions in Tests & Quizzes
  • Fixed an error in date manager by ensuring all assessments had a late submission date
  • Removed the helpful pop-up banner that prevented students from typing into the numeric response text box in Tests & Quizzes -* - August 2020

  • Major upgrade to version 20
  • Upgrade of Warpwire Video plugin
  • Added Rubrics capability and other new features
  • Hundreds of bug fixes and improvements - June 2020

  • Fixed a bug where you got stuck in a loop when you tried to duplicate a forum
  • Added a new column in "My Sites" that contains that username of the last person who modified a site
  • Added Course Planner, a new learning app to help faculty plan their courses - May 2020

  • Added the ability to import groups from sites - May 2020

  • Added "Import Content" link to left-hand menu
  • Created "Add Learning App" shortcut to Lessons
  • Developed new "Homepage Builder" widget for the "Overview" page
  • Set Gradebook and Roster as default tools
  • Set Overview pages to 60%/40% format
  • Improved the "Import from Site" process - April 2020

  • Updated Polls widget styling
  • Improved central IT integrated services within Isidore
  • Added a new feature to make learning apps group-aware in Lessons
  • Fixed a bug where student images/files uploaded via Tests & Quizzes weren't getting stored in the correct location
  • Added the ability for the Check-in tool to be added more than once to a site - February 2020

  • Updated Information Point text in syllabus templates
  • Fixed a bug with Assignments/Lessons prerequisites - January 2020

  • Unstealthed the Online MID tool so instructors can now install it themselves

*Indicates a major release

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