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The steps below outline the process that students will need to follow to complete the ProctorTrack Onboarding assessment. Students completing ProctorTrack assessments from China using a VPN will need to follow special steps.

Each student must successfully complete an onboarding assessment in Proctortrack before they will be able to take proctored online tests. Students should complete the onboarding quiz at least 1-2 days before their first “real” proctored exam. Unless otherwise specified by the instructor, the onboarding quiz is a simple ungraded quiz that only contains a few questions). It serves these purposes:

  • Downloads and installs software (and browser plug-in, if required) needed for proctoring.
  • Runs a system check to make sure you have the necessary equipment.
  • Performs an identity check.
  • Lets you practice the same steps you will go through when taking your “real” proctored exam.

Before Your Begin

  • Take the onboarding quiz on the same computer you will use later for taking your “real” exam.
  • Your computer must meet the technical requirements for Proctortrack:
    • You must use a computer (Windows or Mac) – not a Chromebook, mobile device, or tablet.
    • You must have a working webcam and microphone.
  • Prepare your workspace – remove all papers, books, devices.
  • Make sure you have a valid ID handy (will be needed for identity check). Valid IDs include:
    • UD ID card
    • Valid Driver’s License
    • Valid passport
  • Make sure you have either Chrome (preferred) or Firefox installed on your computer.
    • You cannot use Safari, Edge, or other browsers for proctored testing

Steps to Complete the ProctorTrack Onboarding Assessment

The following video provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how to complete the onboarding assessment in your class Isidore site.

  1. Close ALL applications on your computer.
  2. Open Chrome (preferred) or Firefox web browser. Make sure only one tab is open. Log in to Isidore.
  3. Click on the ‘ProctorTrack’ tool in the Isidore course site.
  4. In the Test List section of the page, click on the ‘Go To Test’ button next to the ‘ProctorTrack Onboarding’
  5. Read through the ProctorTrack settings for this assessment. This page will explain what you are allowed and not allowed to do while taking your test through ProctorTrack.
    NOTE - The settings for this test may be different than the settings for other tests. For example, in other tests, you may be permitted to use digital resources. It is important that you thoroughly review the settings for any exam you take through ProctorTrack so you know what rules are in place.
  6. Check the box at the bottom of the page, and click on the ‘Go To Next Step’ button.
  7. Following the onscreen prompts to download, install, and run the ProctorTrack application on your computer.
  8. The ProctorTrack application will automatically launch on your computer. You will be guided through the following steps:
    1. Agree to the privacy policy by checking the box.
    2. Begin the system check by pressing the ‘Start System Check’ button
      1. Select the microphone and webcam that you will use and press the ‘Confirm’ button.
      2. During the system check, you may be prompted to:
        • Unplug devices in your room or house
        • Unplug external devices such as flash drives, mice, monitors, etc.
        • Close applications on your computer that are not permitted. Make sure you save any open documents or files you want to preserve before pressing the ‘Close’ button.
    3. Scan your face by following the on-screen instructions. Press ‘no’ to re-scan. Press ‘yes’ if the scan is satisfactory.
    4. Scan your Student ID by following the on-screen instructions. Press ‘no’ to re-scan. Press ‘yes’ if the scan is satisfactory.
    5. The Exam Guidelines will again be available to review. Review the guidelines as necessary, then click the ‘I Agree, Let’s Begin’ button. This will launch a new tab in your browser.
  9. Click the ‘Copy’ button to copy the exam password and then use the Ctrl+V or Cmd+V keys on your keyboard to paste the password in the box provided.
  10. Click the ‘Begin Assessment’ button.
  11. Complete and submit the exam in Isidore.
  12. End the Proctoring Session by clicking on the ‘End’ button in the top right corner.
  13. Confirm that you want to end the proctoring session by checking the box next to ‘Yes, I have completed and submitted my test.’ Click ‘End’ again.
  14. Your proctoring session will be uploaded. Do not close ProtorTrack until it says “Uploading Complete.”
  15. Click on the ‘Quit App’ button to finish. [You may uninstall the application at this time if you'd like.]

You should receive an email within 4-6 hours of taking the ProctorTrack Onboarding assessment to let you know if you have passed or not. You can also return to the ProctorTrack tool in our site to see if you have passed the onboarding assessment. Passing the onboarding assessment has nothing to do with your score on the actual quiz. Passing the onboarding assessment means that you’ve successfully installed the software, completed the ID scans, taken the test, and properly ended and uploaded your proctoring session.

If you did not pass the ProctorTrack Onboarding assessment, you will need to follow the same steps and take it again. You MUST pass the Onboarding Test before you will be able to take the test in your class. All students are advised to take the Onboarding Test no later than 2 days before their actual test.

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