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Grading should be enabled as you're installing the Threaded Discussion learning app.

To add a threaded discussion:

  1. Navigate to a Lessons page or subpage in your Isidore course site.
  2. Click on Add Learning App.
  3. Select Learning App Store.
  4. Click on +Install next to Threaded Discussion.
    • Enter a title of the discussion (topic) and a description of the discussion. You'll want to change the default title of the item from "Threaded Discussion" to something else, as items can't have the same name in Gradebook.
    • Next to "Configure LineItem", select "Send LineItem".
    • Enter a maximum possible score for an activity (a numeric point value).
    • Leave the "Tool provided ID" blank.
    • Leave the "A tag used to mark this item." blank.
    • (Optional) Set the available dates (students will be able to see and read the threaded discussion between these dates).
    • (Optional) Set the submission dates (students will be able to add a thread and reply between these dates).
  5. Click on Submit.
  6. Click on the title of the threaded discussion to launch it.
  7. As students add a thread or reply, a gradebook item will be created and their scores will appear automatically.

If you would like to set advanced grading options, please see the Adjust Threaded Discussion Settings page.

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