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The Polls Widget is displayed on your Isidore Home. The polls are created and maintained by the Office of eLearning. Participation in the polls is voluntary.

Widgets displayed on the Isidore home site can be added, removed, or rearranged by following the Manage Overview instructions.

Have a suggestion for a poll question?
Contact the Office of eLearning at elearning@udayton.edu.

Poll Results November 2019

During which season is UD at its most beautiful?
Poll Duration: 11/4/19 - 11/12/19

Students: Which statement BEST describes your feelings about your use of computers or phones in class?
Poll duration: 11/12/19 - 11/19/19

Let's build out the perfect Thanksgiving. First, pick a turkey option.'
Poll duration: 11/19/19 - 11/20/19

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