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ProctorTrack is an online proctoring service integrated into Isidore that may be used at the discretion of a professor to ensure a secure and fair testing environment for all students in their classes. ProctorTrack monitors and records each student’s testing session through automated software. While completing a test in Isidore, the ProctorTrack software will record the test taker's screen as well as their webcam and microphone. The ProctorTrack software will then review each test session and flag any suspicious activity. Instructors (and only instructors) will be able to review recordings of each student’s testing session in their classes and check any flags that were raised by ProctorTrack.

ProctorTrack Help Resources

ProctorTrack Support

ProctorTrack provides 24x7 phone, chat, and email support. Connect with ProctorTrack here.

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