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If you would like peer review instructions for students, please see Complete a peer review.

Please note: If a student does not submit an assignment, they will not be issued papers to peer review when the peer review period begins.

Please see this video demonstration of the Peer Review process.

Setting up the assignment

  1. Navigate to the Assignments tool in your Isidore course site.
  2. Click on Add.
  3. Fill in the assignment title and instructions.
  4. Set the open date, due date, and accept until date. Important Note: The accept until date is the date the peer review period begins.
  5. Setup other assignment settings as you normally would.
  6. Under the "Grading" section, enter the max points the assignment is worth.
  7. Select whether to send the grades to the Gradebook.
  8. Enable the "Use peer assessment" option.
  9. Set the date and time the evaluation period finishes, by clicking on the calendar icon.
  10. Choose whether students should be able to see the identities of their peers.
  11. Choose whether students should be able to see their peers' reviews of their submissions.
  12. Enter the number of submissions students must review.
  13. Enter peer review instructions.
  14. Click on Post.

Grading the assignment

Note: You'll be able to read students' reviews during the peer review period, but you will not be able to assign grades until the peer review period ends. You can remove peer reviews by clicking on the student's name in the Reviewed By column and then clicking on the Remove Review button.

  1. Once the evaluation period has closed, enter your Isidore course site.
  2. Go into the Assignments tool.
  3. Click on the Grade link beneath the peer review assignment you wish to grade.
  4. You can review the students’ original submissions by clicking on their name in the Student column.
    • You can enter grades and instructor comments on the screen like you do with a regular assignment.
    • Also on this screen, you can see the reviewers’ scores in the Reviewer Grade column.
    • To review the peer reviewers’ comments, click on the peer reviewers’ names in the Reviewed By column.
  5. In order for students to see their peers' reviews of their papers you must release the grades for the assignment.
    • One way to release grades is to click on an individual student's name and click the Save and Release to Student button.
    • A second way to release grades to students is to click on the Release Grades button when viewing the list of students' names.

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