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The Center for Online Learning provides training in a variety of formats. Please see below the available training options.

One-on-One Training

We are always happy to provide one-on-one help. Below are a few of the one-on-one training options available:

  • Option 1: For quick questions, we recommend calling or emailing us at 937-229-5039 or We will get back to you quickly within business hours.
  • Option 3: For longer, more involved questions or discussions, we recommend submitting a consultation request form. Once you submit the request, someone from Online Learning will set up an appointment with you to discuss your questions.

Group Training

Group training sessions can be beneficial because you get to connect with other faculty members who may have questions you hadn't previously thought of. We've had many faculty share feedback that they enjoy getting the chance to learn from and with each other in the group training sessions.

  • Option 1: Most semesters, Online Learning runs a series of group training sessions on different days and times. The training schedule for any given semester will be posted below.
    • Isidore Site Creation and Updating Your Sites- Tuesday, May 11 at 10 AM: If you're not sure where to get started with updating and creating your Isidore sites, this is the session for you! We'll review the different options for creating Isidore sites and help you select which option best meets your needs. We'll also help faculty who are duplicating existing sites figure out what needs to be updated for the next term and guide you through that process.
    • Zoom and Warpwire - Wednesday, May 12 at 3 PM: These two tools handle video content in different ways. Come to this session to learn more about when, why, and how to use each of these tools.
    • Assignments and Tests & Quizzes - Thursday, May 13 at 2 PM: The Assignments and Tests & Quizzes tools in Isidore are the most commonly used assessment tools for online classes. During this session, we'll guide you through the basics of how to use each tool, and some tips to speed up your grading.
    • Tips and Tricks in Isidore - Friday, May 14 at 11 AM: There are many overlooked features in Isidore that can help instructors speed up their grading and make the online components of their classes more engaging. Come try them out yourself at this session!

  • Option 2: Online Learning can deliver training sessions tailored to your specific group. Most commonly, Chairs of departments ask an Online Learning staff member to join a monthly departmental meeting to provide training on a specific topic or a general update on new Isidore / ed tech features. However, we're also happy to join just a small group of you and your colleagues to discuss whatever topic you want. To schedule this kind of group training session, please email or complete the Online Learning consultation request form.

Asynchronous Training

Asynchronous training is designed so that you can complete it on your own time at your own pace. You can also re-watch these training programs over and over again as needed.

  • Option 1: There are several asynchronous training modules available on our LEARN training platform at []:
    • [1]: A 60-minute module designed to help you understand, modify, and best use the components of template Isidore sites.
    • I'm Brand New! What Do I Do?: A 15 minute training module for those who are completely new to Isidore or need a refresher of the basics.
    • Isidore 101: A 45 minute training module about the most commonly used tools in Isidore.
    • Accessibility: A 35 minute training module reviewing the concepts of digital accessibility and how to make your classes accessible for all learners.
    • Zoom Video Conferencing: A 20 minute training module about the basics of using Zoom, as well as some strategies for teaching with Zoom.
  • Option 2: We have recorded versions of our previously offered "in-person" training sessions that you may watch below:
    • Developing Your Template Site: An Online Learning staff member answered questions about how to add content to template sites prior to the Fall 2020 semester.
    • Personalizing and Enhancing Your Template Site: An Online Learning staff member showed tips and tricks for enhancing Isidore template sites. UD students are here to learn from YOU. How can you show your expertise and knowledge through a website? How can you give your site that “UD feeling”? We’ll discuss different strategies to achieve these goals.
    • Conducting an Engaging Zoom Session: Teaching through Zoom is not the same as teaching in the classroom. In this session, an Online Learning staff member goes beyond the simple answer of “use Zoom breakout rooms” as a means to foster engagement with your students. And, we’ll tell you the honest truth (you won’t be able to engage everyone!) - and how to handle that.
    • Video, Video, Video: All your questions about video, answered. In this session, an Online Learning staff member explained the differences between the recommended video capture and streaming platforms, and covered best practices on how to record different kinds of videos.
    • Course Communications: How many emails are too many? Probably fewer than you’d think. Whether you’re teaching face-to-face or online, it’s a fine line to walk between too few and too many communications. During these sessions, an Online Learning staff member provided guidance on best practices and some ideas for other ways to engage with students that don’t involve email.
    • Crafting and Facilitating Effective Forum Discussions: Conducting a meaningful forum discussion is so much more difficult than it seems. During this session, and Online Learning staff member reviewed what makes a forum effective - and what doesn’t. They also outline the instructor’s role within a discussion, and how to quickly grade forums.
    • Hybrid Teaching - Part 1: Technology in the Classroom: Hybrid teaching (with students in the classroom and online via Zoom) will be a powerful part of the flexible teaching approaches used this fall semester. This session explores what technologies can be used from the classroom to reach students in the room and online simultaneously.
    • Hybrid Teaching - Part 2: Active Learning and Assessment: Hybrid teaching (with students in the classroom and online via Zoom) will be a powerful part of the flexible teaching approaches used this fall semester. This session focuses on how these synchronous meetings can be used to deepen learning through the use of active learning strategies. This session also reviews how to deliver assessments in a hybrid format.
    • Assessment Options in Isidore: Best practices for developing a flexible assessment strategy are discussed in this session. The facilitator also demonstrates how to create and grade assessments within the Tests & Quizzes tool, while also highlighting features that can be used to diminish the chance of academic dishonesty. Assignments and Learning Apps are also demonstrated.