2011 Releases

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Isidore 2.5.22 - December 2011

  • Fixed a bug where importing a XML assessment didn't work
  • Updated all text and images so that they said "University email" instead of "Lotus Notes"
  • Added "started time" and "completed time" to the Tests & Quizzes Scores page

Isidore 2.5.21 - November 2011

  • Fixed a bug where folder permissions in Resources disappeared when you deleted a roster from a site
  • Implemented role-specific Messages of the Day (MOTD)
  • Added the ability to add a due date from Tests & Quizzes to the Schedule tool

Isidore 2.5.20 - October 2011

  • Improved performance when loading the Tests & Quizzes Scores page
  • Made it so that you can't add guest users to a roster

Isidore 2.5.19 - September 2011

  • Added email notification to the My Evaluations tool
  • Fixed a bug where instructors could no longer forward messages from the Messages tool
  • Fixed an insufficient privileges error in the Forums tool
  • Implemented a new screen on the My Evaluations tool where you can choose how many months of evaluations you're seeing

Isidore 2.5.17 - August 2011

  • Changed the sender of email messages forwarded from Isidore from "Do Not Reply" to "Isidore"
  • Updated text in the Site Stats tools so that the descriptions are more clear
  • Added the Lesson Builder tool
  • Upgraded the Forums tool
  • Fixed a bug in the Drop Box tool where old student folders were getting carried forward when a site was duplicated
  • Enhanced documentation in the Tests & Quizzes tool for allowing certain students extended time
  • Added time to the released and due date on the main Tests & Quizzes page
  • Upgraded the My Evaluations tool

Isidore 2.5.15 - June 2011

  • Added a link to the Sakai accessibility page to Isidore's home page
  • Added a warning to Isidore's login page to let students know their LDAP accounts have been disabled
  • Added a new feature so that instructors can modify the names of their Elluminate recordings
  • Corrected the formatting of the Blogs page when using Internet Explorer
  • Fixed a bug where Forums+ forums and topics were not copying over to new sites
  • Corrected the link in the body of "Reply Privately" emails
  • Added a new feature so users can collapse and expand Isidore's banner and menus

Isidore 2.5.14 - May 2011

  • Updated Isidore's appearance with a new skin
  • Made the "View More Sites" menu more user-friendly and named it "Additional Courses"
  • Fixed a bug where instructors would update a grade in Gradebook+ and get an error
  • Fixed a bug in Forums+ where an attachment with spaces in the filename wouldn't work
  • Fixed a bug where associating assignments with gradebook categories created duplicate assignments
  • Added a reply privately option to the Forums+ tool
  • Fixed a bug where gradebook categories didn't appear in the Assignments tool until at least one assignment was pushed to the gradebook
  • Fixed a bug in Assignments where the "allow resubmission" box remained checked after the grade was saved

Isidore 2.5.13 - March 2011

  • Fixed a bug where scoring fails when one answer of a two answer calculated question is left blank
  • Added Forums+ documentation for new features
  • Added improved site creation instructions to the site creation wizard
  • Added Search help documentation
  • Added Windows 7 WebDAV documentation
  • Fixed a bug where mms:// video links in Modules were not being copied into destination sites
  • Fixed a bug in the Assignments tool where Isidore would automatically change the multiple submission dates in the Assignments tool
  • Fixed a bug where users weren't getting notified of the 100 MB file upload limit
  • Added Gradebook+ help documentation
  • Added notification for users so that when the Modules tool cannot import, delete, replace, or duplicate their content sections

Isidore 2.5.12 - March 2011

  • Increased the Isidore time-out time to 80 minutes
  • Added a calculated question type to Tests & Quizzes
  • Added several lab tools - Drop Box, Search, and Forums+
  • Restyled the "Edit Tools' page
  • Upgraded the Messages and Forums tool to version 2.7
  • Corrected the error message you receive when entering a grade with 2 decimal places in the Assignment tool
  • Installed an equation editor to the FCK editor

* indicates a major release / upgrade

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