2012 Releases

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Isidore 2.5.31 - December 2012

  • Updated visual appearance of Isidore
  • Added a new feature where assessments are auto-submitted when the retract date hits

Isidore 2.5.30 - September 2012

  • Added an "add gradebook item(s)" button to the main Gradebook page

Isidore 2.5.29 - August 2012

  • Added anonymous grading to the Assignments tool
  • Increased the maximum file size limit to 250 MB for uploads
  • Added the course name to schedule events on the My Workspace tab
  • Changed the default behavior of the Announcements tool and Messages tool to "Yes, send an email"
  • Added a quick add feature to the Schedule tool

Isidore 2.5.28 - June 2012

  • Added a "don't allow students to see other forum posts until they've posted" feature in forums
  • Fixed a bug where Tests & Quizzes lost feedback settings on the 1st save
  • Added open and close date functionality to forums and topics in the Forums tool

Isidore 2.5.27 - May 2012

  • Upgraded to the new version of Lesson Builder
  • Enhanced navigation in the Blogs tool

Isidore 2.5.26 - April 2012

  • Fixed a bug with average scores in Tests & Quizzes
  • Updated the HTML editor so that "Insert/Edit Movie or Sound" supports YouTube videos

Isidore 2.5.25 - March 2012

  • Fixed a bug where importing XML assessments didn't work in Tests & Quizzes
  • Improved the "Add Participants" screen so that it's more user-friendly

Isidore 2.5.24 - January 2012

  • Fixed incorrect dates that were showing in the Forums tool

Isidore 2.5.23 - January 2012

  • Fixed a "multiple tabs" error when students used their browser's back button in the Forums tool

* indicates a major release / upgrade

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