2015 Releases

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Isidore - December 2015

  • Fixed a bug where sorting by the Grade Override column in Gradebook caused an error
  • Fixed a bug where the Lessons tool didn't display the correct title when you navigated to other tools
  • Added a Checklist feature to Lessons tools
  • Added the ability to indent files in the Lessons tools
  • Fixed a bug where Resources order was not preserved on site duplication
  • Improved Lessons Checklist styling
  • Restyled the bug report screen to be more helpful and user-friendly
  • Installed Question Progress panel improvements in Tests & Quizzes

Isidore - November 2015

  • Fixed an issue in Chat Room where it wouldn't display more than 6-8 users
  • Fixed a bug where the 5 minute warning in Tests & Quizzes wasn't visible
  • Added a web service for McGraw Hill LTI tools
  • Installed the Warpwire Video tool
  • Improved styling of the "previous" and "next" buttons in Lessons

Isidore - October 2015

  • Fixed an issue where instructors couldn't view peer review comments in Assignments
  • Fixed a sort bug in the student view of Gradebook
  • Updated footer text of email notifications sent from Isidore to be more helpful
  • Restyled and improved the "Reorder" page in Lessons

Isidore - September 2015

  • Fixed an issue with grading in some calculated questions
  • Fixed a Gradebook bug caused by null exceptions
  • Added new "copy to" and "move to" features to Resources
  • Installed Certification (Certificate) tool into Isidore
  • Developed and released a new homepage for Isidore
  • Improved Resources styling for students

Isidore - August 2015

  • Fixed a bug in Tests & Quizzes where calculated questions only graded the first answer correctly
  • Fixed a bug in Tests & Quizzes where you couldn't edit the incorrect answer feedback after an assessment was published
  • Released Isidore's newly designed landing page
  • Improved the process in Assignments for allowing students a resubmission

Isidore - August 2015

  • Fixed errors in Forums caused by "users must post first before reading"
  • Migrated help documentation to ewiki.udayton.edu

Isidore - July 2015

  • Re-styled the "Add Participants" page in Site Info to make the process easier
  • Added 24 hour email notification reminder for students who have not submitted an assignment

Isidore - June 2015

  • Added a link in the Gradebook for students to view their feedback in Assignments
  • Added a feature in Tests & Quizzes that allows instructors to see which students have assessments "in progress"
  • Added additional settings to the forums tool so that students can view forum content after the close date

Isidore - May 2015

  • Improved the appearance and functionality of the Resources tool
  • Added colored buttons to improve user experience (green for affirmative action, red for cancel)
  • Added "weight items equally" feature to Gradebook

Isidore - April 2015

  • Added a bonus question option to Tests & Quizzes
  • Improved the visual appearance and character count for students completing essay questions in Tests & Quizzes
  • Added word count to the html editor
  • Added a new view for instructors in the Roster tool that displays students' advisors, majors, minors, concentrations, and academic standings
  • Added "last login" and "number of total logins" for instructors on the main page of the Roster tool
  • Added the ability for students to add attachments when completing a peer review in the Assignments tool

Isidore - March 2015

  • Added a "Continue" button to the top of the Resources page so that scrolling to the bottom of the page isn't necessary
  • Added a Digital Drop Off tool to the My Account tab (for certain students participating in The Write Place pilot)
  • Updated the default view of the Schedule tool to be "List of Future Events" (based on student focus group feedback)
  • Cleaned up My Evaluations and Evaluation Coordinator roles since CoursEval has been adopted

Isidore - February 2015

  • Fixed a bug where the "accept until date" in Tests & Quizzes was causing an error when saving an assessment
  • Improved the student view of Tests & Quizzes so that the html editor is displayed by default when answering essay-type questions (based on student focus group feedback)

* indicates a major release / upgrade

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