2021 Releases

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20.x.21.0 - April 2021 - March 2021

  • Pulled in fixes and improvements from the Sakai community (20.3)
  • Fixed a bug where "Previous" and "Next" buttons weren't saving rubrics in Assignments
  • Added LTI duplication for Resources, Tests & Quizzes, Assignments, and Forums
  • Added icons to Perusall and Gradescope links in Lessons - March 2021

  • Cleaned up styling of the ck editor in Lessons
  • Added the ability to preview Lessons items when adding from another site
  • Fixed a typo and added a hyperlink to the assessment available email
  • Added a preference for individuals to enable or disable the assessment available emails - February 2021

  • Made styling and wording changes to the share rubrics publicly feature so that it was more clear to instructors that rubrics were being shared with all Isidore instructors
  • Fixed a bug in Tests & Quizzes where adding questions didn't put them into the correct part
  • Fixed a bug in Tests & Quizzes where students couldn't see feedback attachments for calculated questions
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the "Pending Messages" tab in moderated forums caused the navigational tabs to disappear
  • Fixed a bug that caused rubric ratings to disappear when grading via a student's forum post
  • Fixed a bug in Lessons with adding an existing subpage and/or changing a subpage - February 2021

  • Prevented students from clicking on the next question before the current question loads completely in order to reduce data discrepancy errors
  • Changed the behavior of Tests & Quizzes to send an email notification when the assessment opens instead of when it's published
  • Changed the behavior of Tests & Quizzes so that students with time exceptions receive a personalized email containing their open date, due date, and time limit (if applicable)
  • Updated the sort order of assessments in the student view of Tests & Quizzes (soonest due date then title)
  • Fixed an uncaught error with Tests & Quizzes in the bulk date manager
  • Fixed an uncaught error with Forums in the bulk date manager - January 2021

  • Fixed an "uncaught error" that was occurring when updating Lessons dates using the date manager in Site Info - January 2021

  • Upgraded to Sakai 20.2
  • Made administrative improvements to the Write Place's Digital Drop-Off tool
  • Improved the ordering of course sections/site naming during site creation - January 2021

  • Added a new feature to allow instructors to add Lessons items from other sites
  • Added a new feature to allow instructors to grant permission for students to re-enter assessments

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