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2-factor authentication or "2FA" is a security measure that verifies your identity when you log into protected systems. As "2-factor" indicates, you verify your identity with two forms of information:

  • Something you know: your UD password, AND
  • Something you have: your phone or token

2FA technology provides added security to UD data systems (see full list) in case your password is compromised.

University of Dayton employees, including part-time, UDRI employees, contractors, student employees and GAs are required to use 2-factor authentication when logging in to protected applications.

UD students who have never been employeed by UD are invited to enroll in UD's 2FA system, as well, to provide this extra layer of protection to their UD account.

Watch this video about UD's 2FA program to learn why 2FA is needed and how 2FA works.

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