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Adobe Connect is UD's synchronous online learning tool. You can use Connect to host a virtual lecture or meeting. Connect lets you share PowerPoint slides, draw on a virtual whiteboard, talk to other participants via text or voice, and ask polling questions. Lectures and meetings can also be recorded so that anyone who misses the live session can view it at their convenience.

Important note: Please only use the CHROME browser when using Adobe Connect.

Quick Start Guide for Instructors

How do I... for Instructors

Create a Meeting

Edit a Meeting

Sync Users to a Meeting

Attend a Meeting

Set Up Audio/Video

Record the Meeting

View Recordings

Change Permissions

Invite Guests

Delete a Meeting

How do I... for Students

Attend a Meeting

View Recordings

Setup a Study Group Session

Adobe Connect FAQs

Adobe Connect Tips

What devices and browsers are supported by Adobe Connect?

Who can access my recordings?

Why does it say I'm not permitted to access this item?

Why can I not join the meeting until the host arrives?

Can participants join a room without a host?