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Note: Warpwire Video must first be added and set up for students to submit to before you can begin collecting student submissions via Warpwire. See Allow students to upload videos to Warpwire for instructions.

Note: Remind your students to visit the Warpwire Video tool before starting an assignment as the tool may not allow them to record if they have never visited the tool within your course before.

To set up an assignment to accept student submissions via Warpwire, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Assignments tool in your Isidore course site.
  2. Click on Add.
  3. On the Add a New Assignment page, fill in the information such as title, open date, due date, and points like normal. See Adding an Assignment for more information.
  4. Under the section "Student Submissions", select "Inline only" from the dropdown menu.
  5. Under "Assignment Instructions", besides providing students with the prompt for their assignment you may want to provide instructions on how to record their assignment with Warpwire.
    • Be sure students know that in addition to including the video, they must include some text in the text box otherwise they will not be able to submit the assignment.
    • Example instructions: Record your own video based on the prompt above. Be sure to title your video inside Warpwire using the following format: lastname_date_assignment#. Below your video in the text editor write your name, date, and time of submission. When you are ready, be sure to click “Submit” to turn in your assignment.
  6. Finish filling out the information below the Instructions box. See Adding an Assignment for more information.
  7. Click Post. This will make the assignment available to the students based on the date range you provided on the form.

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