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The Assignments tool allows instructors to create, distribute, collect, and grade online assignments.

How Do I... for Instructors

Add/Edit/Delete an Assignment

Grade or return an assignment

Setup peer review

Setup group submission

Allow resubmission

Allow a student to submit an assignment after the due date

Duplicate assignments

Use Turnitin

Link assignments to the Gradebook

Submit an assignment on behalf of a student

Allow students to submit a video assignment

Allow my TA to Grade Assignments

See how assignments look

Restore a deleted assignment

Set assignment permissions

How Do I... for Students

Complete and submit assignments

Complete a peer review

Complete/submit a group assignment

Check assignment grades

Resubmit assignments

Create/Submit a video assignment

Assignments FAQ

How do I get assignments out of draft mode?

Can students submit more than one file of attachments without removing the first?

Is there a way to reopen an assignment to one student for a specific period of time?

How do I input a grade in the gradebook when a student never submitted the assignment in the Assignment tool?

When accepting "attachment only" submissions, if I allow resubmission, will I get both the original attachment and the new one?

If I'm using TurnItIn integration, what happens to the students first Originality Report if I allow them to resubmit?

If I use TurnItIn integration, what happens if a student submits more than one file for an assignment?

If I use TurnItIn integration, how long does it take once an assignment is submitted before I’ll see the originality reports?

What should I do if I see a Turnitin submission error?

Can I grade with a form such as a rubric?