Change announcement options

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To change announcement options:

  1. Navigate to the Announcements tool in your course site.
  2. Click on Options.
  3. Pick your display options.
    1. Sortable table view is the default, where you only see the subject of the announcement and can sort announcements.
    2. Sortable table view with announcement body is where you see a table that contains the subject and the announcement body and can sort announcements.
    3. List view with announcement body is where you can view a list of announcements, with the entire announcement displayed, and is not sortable.
  4. If you would like to change how much of each announcement is displayed, the characters in body setting allows you to display all of the announcement text, or limits it to 50 or 100 characters.
  5. The RSS Feed options aren't really used, so you can scroll past those.
  6. Display Limits settings allow you to set display preferences for how many days in the past you can view announcements or by the number of announcements. One example is displaying announcements from the past 30 days. Or, you could set it to display the last 3 announcements. By default, the tool is set to display all announcements.
  7. Once you've set your preferences, click on the Update button.

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