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The CompFolio tool allows students to submit educational artifacts for different requirements in order to demonstrate competencies. Instructors can then evaluate a student's work and either mark the competency requirement as completed or can return the artifacts to the student to be worked on more.

How do I...for Instructors

Add the CompFolio tool

Add/Edit the CompFolio title and description

Add/Edit/Remove a CompFolio category

Add/Edit/Remove a CompFolio requirement

Review Student Submissions

Sort/Reorder CompFolio categories and requirements

Change Email Notification Preferences

Reopen an Item

How do I...for Students

View a CompFolio description

View a CompFolio category

View a CompFolio requirement

Submit a CompFolio requirement

View CompFolio feedback

View CompFolio progress

Change Email Notification Preferences