Complete/submit a group assignment

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Only one team member needs to submit an assignment on behalf of the entire group.

To submit an assignment on behalf of your team:

  1. Navigate to the Assignments tool in your Isidore course site.
  2. Click the name of the assignment to open it.
  3. To work on the assignment, follow the instructions from your instructor. You may need to type within the text box, or add an attachment, or both.
  4. To add an attachment, click Browse or Choose File to find and select the file on your computer (maximum 5 attachments by this method), or click or select files from workspace or site. There is an limit of 250 MB per upload.
  5. When you have finished, click on Proceed.
  6. Click Submit at the bottom of the screen.
  7. A submission confirmation will be displayed on the screen. You will receive an email message confirming your submission. If you do not receive a confirmation, check to see if you've successfully submitted the assignment.

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