Create an Assessment where Students Submit a Video Recording

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Note: Warpwire Video must first be added and set up for students to submit to before you can begin collecting student submissions via Warpwire. See Allow students to upload videos to Warpwire for instructions.

Note: In addition, remind your students to visit the Warpwire Video tool before starting an assessment as the tool may not allow them to record if they have never visited the tool within your course before.

  1. Navigate to the Tests & Quizzes tool in your Isidore course site.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter an assessment title and ensure that "Create using assessment builder" is selected. Click on Create.
  4. Click on the select a question type drop-down menu next to "Add Question", and choose Short Answer/Essay.
  5. On the New Question page, fill in the information such as points like normal.
  6. Under Question Text, besides providing students with the prompt for the quiz or test you may also provide instructions on how to record their response with Warpwire.
  7. Record your own video based on the prompt above. Be sure to title your video inside Warpwire using the following format: lastname_date_testname. When you are ready, be sure to click “Submit for Grading” to turn in your submit your test or quiz.
  8. Finish filling out the information below the Instructions box.
  9. Click Save. This will add the question to your assessment.
  10. Click on the Settings link and walk through the settings tabs from left to right in order to publish the assessment. For more information, see the following pages: See Available Settings and Publish an Assessment.

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