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Services Provided

  • Video Recording Services
    • Classroom Recordings
    • Studio Recordings
    • Interviews
    • Lightboard Studio
  • Screen Capture
  • Video Streaming
  • Video Format Conversions
    • File format Conversions
    • VHS to Digital (if legally permitted)
    • DVD to Digital (if legally permitted)
  • Coaching for Instructors
  • Podcast Recordings
  • Closed Captioning
  • Media Language Translation

Charges and Fees

The Office of E-Learning is happy to assist with digital media projects that are in support of a UD catalog course. There typically would be no charge for such projects. If your needs fall outside of a catalog course, we still can provide assistance; however, there likely will be charges for the work. Our fees will typically be $125/hour for recording, and $50/hour for editing (may vary by project).

Here are the common conditions where we would charge a fee for our digital media services

  1. Project is not related to a catalog course.
  2. Insufficient notice before the project deadline.
  3. Repeated usage of our services beyond the norm.

Why Do We Charge for Work Unrelated to a Course?

The Office of E-Learning is staffed and equipped to meet the needs of course instructors and program coordinators. We are not staffed to handle more widespread needs. When capacity allows, we do accept projects outside of the area of catalog courses. In these cases, we use the money we charge to update and maintain our media equipment.

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