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The "Import Content" feature gives instructors a way to easily import content from one site to another. Student data, such as submissions, forum posts, or grades, will not be imported.

Importing content from another site

To import material from another site:

  1. Navigate to the Site Info tool in your Isidore course site that you wish to import content into.
  2. Click on Import Content.
    Import content tab.jpg

  3. On the "Import Material from Other Sites" screen, select a site(s) that you wish to import from. Scroll down and click on Continue.
    Select sites.jpg

  4. On the "Re-use Material from Other Sites" screen, select which tool(s) that you would like to import content from. You can bring in all items, or with Assignments or Tests & Quizzes, you can select specific assessments to copy in.
    • Please note that selecting some tools auto-selects the Resources tool. This prevents content from having broken links and images when being copied into a new site.
    • Please note that you must have DRAFTS of your tests in the Tests & Quizzes tool in order to import anything in this tool. If no assessments are showing up to be imported, they must first be restored from the Trash tab within the Tests & Quizzes tool.
      Select tools and assignments.jpg

  5. Scroll down and expand the "Additional Options" section near the bottom of the screen.
    • By default, groups are selected to be copied along with the content. This ensures that features like group assignments or Lessons subpages released to groups are not broken.
    • If you would like assignments to be copied over and immediately posted, check the box next to "Assignments - Publish imported content". Otherwise, they will come in as a draft and you'll need to modify the settings and post the assignments manually.
    • The default setting for importing content is that content will be merged with existing content in the site. If you would like to clear out (replace) content before importing, select the box next to "Clear existing content before importing". Leaving "Clear existing content before importing" unchecked is the safest option, as there is no "undo" for replacing content.
  6. Click Finish.
    Select additional options.jpg

  7. Some of the content you selected to be imported will show up in your new site immediately, but the entire process can take 10-15 minutes. You should receive an email notification once the process completes.

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