Insert a video into an assignment/forum post

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To embed (or insert) a video into an assignment, forum post, or announcement:

  1. Navigate to your Isidore course site.
  2. Navigate to the tool where you'd like to insert a video (e.g. Forums, Assignments, etc.)
  3. Get to the spot where you're wanting to insert your video. For example, in the Forums tool, you may want to click on a topic and then select Start a New Conversation.
  4. When the rich-text editor loads, look for an icon that is a black circle with a white "W". It will say Insert Warpwire when you hover your cursor over it. Click on the Warpwire icon.
  5. You can either select an existing video from your library, by clicking on the empty circle to the right of the video, or you can follow the instructions to Upload a video from my computer. Once the video has been selected, the circle will be filled in with solid green coloring.
  6. Once the video is selected, click on the "Insert 1 item" button near the bottom of the screen.
  7. You'll see a thumbnail version of the video has been inserted into the text editor.
  8. When you're finished writing your discussion post, assignment, or announcement, go ahead and post or submit it.

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