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Isidore is UD's Learning Management System or LMS that runs on the Sakai platform. Isidore is named after St. Isidore of Seville, the patron saint of students and recommended for patronage of computers and the Internet.

How to Access Isidore

You can access Isidore by navigating your web browser to If you don't remember your UD username and password, please contact UD's IT Service Center at (937) 229-3888 to retrieve your account information. If you are a guest user (someone without a UD account), you must use the Guest Users Login.

Recommended Web Browsers

The latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended for use with Isidore.

Using the Text Editor

The text editor inside of Isidore is known as the CK Editor. The CK Editor contains many different functions that students and faculty can use to format text and embed images and multimedia.

CK Editor

Learn more about the CK Editor

Help with 2FA

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is required for Isidore use. If you need assistance with 2FA, please visit UD's 2FA website for more information.


Instructors can receive Isidore training via an online website, large group training sessions, or individualized training consultation: