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The Office of Academic Services for Student-Athletes (OASSA) collects Progress Reports for student-athletes through a tool in Isidore to provide academic support for all student-athletes. Academic coordinators monitor initial and continuing eligibility requirements according to NCAA, conference, and University of Dayton guidelines.

If you teach student-athletes, you will receive an email periodically throughout the semester from OASSA, inviting you to complete new progress reports. The process is simple and quick, replacing the paper forms that student-athletes historically asked faculty to fill out by hand. The online progress reports will streamline information in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way by eliminating paper. Accuracy and privacy will also be extremely high with this system as there is no way the data can be manipulated or viewed by others, as sometimes occurred with the paper forms.

Why does the Office of Academic Services for Student-Athletes (OASSA) gather such data to begin with? OASSA and the Department of Athletics are regulated by the NCAA to monitor the academic performance of all student-athletes to ensure they are meeting certain academic standards every semester. On average, 400+ student-athletes at UD pursue 50+ different majors, earn a 3.3 semester GPA, hold a 95% graduation success rate, and as a group, earn more than 50 national academic honors each year. This success happens at the highest level through collaboration with faculty.

For technical help using the OASSA Progress Reports tool, please contact the Center for Online Learning via (937) 229-5039 or onlinelearning@udayton.edu. For general questions about OASSA reporting, please contact the Office of Academic Services for Student-Athletes Team:

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