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ProctorTrack is an online proctoring service integrated into Isidore that may be used at the discretion of a professor to ensure a secure and fair testing environment for all students in their classes. ProctorTrack monitors and records each student’s testing session through automated software. While completing a test in Isidore, the ProctorTrack software will record the test taker's screen as well as their webcam and microphone. The ProctorTrack software will then review each test session and flag any suspicious activity. Instructors (and only instructors) will be able to review recordings of each student’s testing session in their classes and check any flags that were raised by ProctorTrack.

Completing an Onboarding Assessment in ProctorTrack

Prior to your first actual test or quiz requiring ProctorTrack in a class each student must complete an onboarding assessment with ProctorTrack. You will not be able to take the test or quiz in the class if you have not successfully completed the onboarding assessment in advance of the exam. It is recommend that users complete the onboarding assessment no later than 2 days prior to the exam in their class so that any problems or questions you encounter about proctoring can be addressed. The onboarding process should take no longer than 15 minutes, but may take less. This is a one time step for each class that will use ProctorTrack.

The following video provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how to complete the onboarding assessment in your class Isidore site.

Students are also encouraged to review the Full ProctorTrack Onboarding Steps

Preparing your computer for an exam that will use ProctorTrack

Students must use a computer (PC or Mac) and not a phone or tablet when taking an assessment that will use ProctorTrack. Students should use Google Chrome as their browser when logging in to Isidore to complete an assessment with ProctorTrack. You cannot use Firefox, Safari, Edge, or other browsers for proctored testing.

Prior to logging into Isidore and starting an assessment that will use ProctorTrack, students should:

  • Close all open applications on your computer and make sure you only have one browser tab open
  • Ensure that:
    • You have your ID card nearby
    • You are in a private, well lit area
    • You have a reliable internet connection
    • Your computer webcam and microphone are working

Getting Help with ProctorTrack

While the professor should be contacted if you are experiencing problems with ProctorTrack that will prevent you from completing a class assessment, students are encouraged to contact ProctorTrack directly for help with the software.

ProctorTrack provides 24x7 phone, chat, and email support. Connect with ProctorTrack here.


Why do I have to use ProctorTrack?
In short, for many types of courses, proctored assessments are essential for validating whether or not you can demonstrate the learning objectives. Without proctoring, some students may be tempted to cheat. Furthermore, without the ability to ensure exam integrity, accrediting bodies cannot assess the efficacy of university courses and programs.

How does ProctorTrack work?
ProctorTrack is software that you will download, install, and run on your computer while you complete an exam in Isidore. The Proctortrack software does not access any of the files on a student’s hard-drive. Proctortrack will access the audio and video outputs and take screenshots of the student's screen only during an exam. During exams, student webcam videos are not streamed live to anyone. They are only captured and stored locally until they are uploaded in segments to the ProctorTrack servers for automated analysis at the end of an exam.

Once student data is captured and uploaded to Proctortrack’s secure servers, it is analyzed automatically by algorithms to identify any possible anomalies or breaches to test policies. If there are any test policy breaches, the data relevant to those breaches will be shared to the course instructor for further review. All test session data is removed from ProctorTrack's servers after 180 days.

What counts as suspicious activity during a test?
ProctorTrack will scan recorded testing sessions for suspicious activity that may indicate academic dishonesty. The fact that the software raises a flag does NOT guarantee that an infraction actually took place. It simply alerts an instructor that something occurred during the test session that they may want to review. It is up to the professor to review any infractions and decide how to proceed. Students will be able to see what is and is not allowed behavior when they begin each proctoring session with ProctorTrack but some scenarios that could raise flags are:

  • Student walks away from their computer during a test
  • Student looks away from their screen for an extended period of time
  • Student uses their phone
  • Student opens additional webpages / resources on their computer that are not allowed
  • Student appears to be talking to someone
  • Unknown noises are detected

Who decides if it is cheating?
Much like an in-class exam, instructors determine the rules of the exam. The Proctortrack software uses those rules as guidelines to determine if infractions have occurred. It is the responsibility of the instructor to review the data presented and determine if an academic integrity infraction has occurred. Please refer to the UD's Academic Honor Code for definitions of violations of academic integrity.

What does the instructor view of my test-taking activity look like?
The instructor is able to view a recording of your session with sound 48 hours after the test session has been completed. They are also provided screenshots of everything that was on your computer screen during an assessment.

How do I schedule a ProctorTrack exam?
You do not need to schedule a time to take an assessment with ProctorTrack. ProctorTrack does not utilize live proctoring that needs to be arranged by a student in advance.

If your instructor has indicated that you will be using Proctortrack, then you need to complete an ProctorTrack Onboarding assessment (or practice test) 48 hours before your assessment. It is recommended that you complete the ProctorTrack Onboarding assessment as soon as possible to give you enough time before your proctored assessment to resolve any technical issues. You will not be able to access your proctored quiz/exam until your onboarding status is active.

The Proctortrack application is software that runs at the same time as your assessment. The quiz or exam availability times and due date in Isidore are what control access to the proctored quiz if you have a valid onboarding status.

Why do some classes use ProctorTrack and other do not?
Each instructor decides when and if they would like to use ProctorTrack in their classes.

Oops. My roommate accidentally walked in and started talking to me while I was taking a test with ProctorTrack. Will that be counted as cheating?
The ProctorTrack AI engine will likely flag that moment in the test session as something the instructor should review but it does not mean that you will automatically be listed as cheating. Things can and will happen during test sessions. Please share any concerns with your instructor after the test is complete but don't let it stop you from completing the assessment.


Why do I have to complete an ProctorTrack Onboarding assessment?
Completing an onboarding assessment establishes a baseline profile for you and allows you to work through the ProctorTrack software and exam process before you use it for an actual exam. You can confirm that you've passed the ProctorTrack onboarding assessment in your class by returning to the ProctorTrack tool after four hours to review your status. Students that fail the ProctorTrack Onboarding asssessment must retake it.

Can I attempt the ProctorTrack Onboarding assessment multiple times even if I have already passed?
Yes. Students can attempt the ProctorTrack Onboarding assessment as many times as they like. Your passing status is locked in and will not be affected by a second, third, or fourth attempt. Once you've passed, you've passed. Taking the ProctorTrack Onboarding assessment multiple times can be helpful in getting familiar with the proctoring process and making sure you are ready for your real test day.

Do I need to complete an ProctorTrack Onboarding assessment in each class?
Yes. This is an important step to prepare for an actual test in each class.

I've passed my ProctorTrack Onboarding assessment. What will I need for an actual test?
The process to take a class assessment that uses ProctorTrack is fairly identical to the ProctorTrack Onboarding assessment. Students will:

  1. Prepare yourself and your computer to take the test.
  2. Go to their Isidore site a few minutes before the test or quiz will open.
  3. Click on the ProctorTrack tool in the site
  4. Click on the ‘Go To Test’ button next to the class assessment.
  5. Complete the system setup in ProctorTrack
  6. Take the assessment
  7. End and upload their ProctorTrack session


Who can access my information in ProctorTrack?
All test data submitted through ProctorTrack is protected and only visible to your instructor. See more information about ProctorTrack’s Privacy and Security Pledge.

As with all external software vendors, UD has completed a third party risk assessment and reviewed all of their security practices. All student data will be kept confidential at all times. ProctorTrack is fully compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as well as their own stringent data privacy policies. ProctorTrack data is stored in secure databases and will never be sold or provided to any third parties.

How long will data be stored?
Data collected by ProctorTrack is stored up to 180 days after a proctored test session. After that, it will be automatically deleted from the ProctorTrack platform per UD's agreement.

Can I uninstall the ProctorTrack software after I'm finished with the test?
Yes. Please see these instructions for uninstalling ProctorTrack. Please note that you will need to reinstall the ProctorTrack software if you take another exam through ProctorTrack.


Can I use ProctorTrack with a Chromebook?
No. You must use a Windows PC or Mac computer to access ProctorTrack.

What should I do if my internet, computer, or power stops working in the middle of test?
As soon as you are able, contact your instructor to let them know that you encountered a problem. If you are able to resume your test, do so by returning to the ProctorTrack page in Isidore and launching the test again.

What if I don’t have a computer or my computer is broken?
All UD students are required to have a functional computer. If you do not have a computer or if your computer is broken in a way that prohibits you from passing ProctorTrack's system check, please contact your instructor to see what arrangements can be made. It would also be acceptable to use a friend or roommate's computer, if possible.

What if my instructor needs me to have other browser tabs or applications open on my computer?
Your instructor should have configured your actual exam to allow those additional resources. If these resources are flagged for any reason, your instructor can review the screen recording and webcam shots to ensure the resources are within the parameters of the test.


I have an accommodation through the Office of Learning Resources. Will that still work during an exam with ProctorTrack?
Yes. Your instructor should have set up the accommodation on the test in Isidore. ProctorTrack will continue monitoring your test-taking session until you close it. As always, it's a good idea to remind your instructor that you will be using your allowed accommodation on the test in advance.

I have a visual impairment that prevents me from successfully completing the face and ID scan. What should I do?
Please contact your instructor as soon as possible to arrange an alternative assessment format.

What if I don’t have a private testing area?
Do your best to arrange a testing area that is as private as possible. Ultimately, ProctorTrack may flag an interruption, but your instructor can easily review the flag and decide that it was acceptable.

How can I get help with ProctorTrack?
ProctorTrack provides 24x7 phone, chat, and email support. Connect with ProctorTrack here.

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