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Under Isidore Home -> Profile, you'll be able to see your personal information. Fields in this area are automatically populated from Porches/Banner.

Changing your Profile Picture

  1. You'll be able to upload a new profile picture by clicking on the Edit Profile Picture link.
  2. You can then decide which photo you would like to be displayed.
    • Your choices for profile pictures are:
      • Official UD Photo
      • Secondary Photo (that you upload)
      • None - No photo will be displayed in Isidore
    • To upload a new picture, click on the Change picture link.
    • Click on Choose File.
    • Browse to where the image you want to upload is located. Select the image, and click on "Open".
    • Click on Upload.
  3. Select which photo you would like to be displayed in Isidore (Official, Secondary, None).
  4. Click on Save.

Adding your Name Pronunciation Recording

These instructions will walk you through recording the proper pronunciation of your name with NameCoach.

  1. You'll be able to record your name's pronunciation by clicking on the "Create Name Pronunciation" button.
  2. Make sure your information is correct in the recording popup window.
  3. At the bottom of the recording popup, you can record your name by having the NameCoach system call you, or by using a web recorder.
  4. Once you've created your pronunciation recording, you can listen to it and re-record if necessary.
  5. Click the Submit and Finish button to create your name pronunciation recording.
  6. After the page has been refreshed, a play button will appear next to your name on your My Profile page.
  7. Click on the play button to listen to your name pronunciation recording.