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Using the Resources tool, you can share many kinds of material securely with members of your site, or make them available to the public. You also have your own private Resources area in your Isidore home (or My Account).

You can:

  • Upload files (e.g., word processing documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, and videos
  • Create and post HTML (web) pages and simple text documents
  • Share links to useful web sites
  • Organize resource items into folders
  • Control which groups or participants can access and add to different folders
  • Show or hide an item at any time, and set a start and/or end time for its availability

How Do I... for Instructors

View/Open Resources

Add/Edit/Delete Folders

Add/Edit/Delete Files

Add/Edit/Delete Web Links (URLs)

Add/Edit/Delete HTML Pages

Add/Edit/Delete Text Documents

Add/Edit/Delete Citations Lists

Move an Item

Copy an Item

Rename an Item

Reorder Items

Create Group Folders

Change Resource Permissions

Hide/Show Files and Folders

Copy Files or Folders from Another Site

Make Resources Publicly Accessible

Find the URL of an Item

Use WebDAV with Resources

How Do I... for Students

View/Open Resources