Session Time-Out Warning

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Whether you are typing a long assignment submission in the text editor, or posting a detailed discussion forum post, you’ll no longer be the victim of lost work and will no longer be logged out of Isidore without warning. A new security feature has been installed that will inform users before their session times out so they won't lose any work they’ve composed in Isidore.

After 1 hour and 10 minutes of inactivity in Isidore, users will receive a pop-up warning message. If you’re still in front of the computer working on Isidore you’ll be able to click a ‘continue working in Isidore’ button to remain logged in.

In 10 minutes, if you’re away from your computer (or haven’t clicked the button to remain logged in) the previous warning message will be replaced by another message informing you that you’ve been logged out. If you had work on the screen that you don’t want to lose you’ll be able to follow the instructions in the message to copy and paste your work from Isidore to your computer to prevent data loss.

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