Set assignment permissions

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To change permissions of Assignments:

  1. Enter a site, click Assignments, and then click Permissions.
  2. Place checkmarks in the appropriate boxes to set permissions. You will have the following options for different roles:
Same site level permissions for all groups inside the site Allows the user to distribute assignments on a group level.
Create new assignment(s) Allows the user to add new assignments.
Submit to assignment(s) Allows the user to submit assignments.
Delete assignment(s) Allows the user to delete assignments.
Read assignment(s) Allows the user to view assignments.
Revise assignment(s) Allows the user to revise assignments.
Grade assignment submission(s) Allows the user to grade assignments.
Receive email notifications Allows the user to receive notifications from the site.
Able to view draft assignment(s) created by other users Allows the user to view, create and edit drafts.
NOTE: The new and revise permissions must also be checked

for that user in order to grant them access to drafts.

  1. One you have set permissions for the Assignments, click Save.
  2. If you wish to exit and revert to your current settings, click Cancel.

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