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The directions below show instructors how to release an assessment to two different groups of students in order to allow specific students more time to complete it or to allow certain students to take the assessment at a different date and time. Students that have worked with the Office of Learning Resources (OLR) will often receive “time and a half” or “double-time” to complete an assessment. Faculty giving an assessment online must accommodate these needs by using the directions below to release two different versions of the same exam – one for students that need extra time and one for the rest of students that receive the standard amount of time to complete the assessment.

To release an assessment to a specific student or group of students:

  1. Click on Tests & Quizzes in your course site's menubar.
  2. Select Settings from the Select Action drop-down menu next to the assessment title that you are releasing on the Working Copies tab. If the assessment has already been published, you'll need to click on the Published Copies tab.
  3. Click on the Exceptions to Time Limit and Delivery Date tab.
    1. If an individual student needs an exception, select the student's name from the Exception for User drop-down. If a group of students needs an exception, select the group from the Exception for Group drop-down.
    2. Set the open date and time and the due date and time by clicking on the calendar icon.
    3. If the assessment should have a time limit, click on the toggle so that it reads "yes" and then set the hours and minutes the student should have to complete the exam.
    4. If late submissions should be allowed, set the late submission date and time by clicking on the calendar icon. If late submissions should not be allowed, then set the late submission date and time to the same date and time as the due date by clicking on the calendar icon.
    5. Click on the Add an Exception button to save the exception and/or add another exception.
Extended Time Exceptions sm.jpg
  1. Click on the Publish button on the next screen to confirm once you’ve reviewed the information on the page if you're editing the working copy of the assessment. Click on Save & Exit if you're editing the published copy of the assessment.

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