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Understanding Isidore Roles

There are 5 predefined roles within Isidore sites. These roles may not relate to the person's role at UD, they determine the level of permissions and functionality the individual has in your Isidore site. You may have more roles if you're utilizing a textbook company's resources.

  • Instructor - can read/add/edit/delete content, grade, and manage participants
  • SI Leader - Supplemental Instruction Leader: can read content and post announcements
  • Student - can read content and submit assignments/assessments
  • TA-Grading - Teaching Assistant: can read content and grade in Assignments/Tests & Quizzes/Gradebook*
  • TA-Limited - Teaching Assistant: can read content

*Note: Please note that if you want your TA to be able to grade in Gradebook, you need to give them permission to do so in Gradebook.

Best Practices for Using Roles

Please use extreme caution when adding someone with the "Instructor" role. They will have complete access to your site, meaning they can add, edit, or delete your content. They also have access to view, edit, and change grade information in your course site.

Read more about FERPA at the University of Dayton

If you have any questions about roles or permissions, please contact us via (937) 229-5039 or onlinelearning@udayton.edu.

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