Updating a Duplicated Site

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When an Isidore site is duplicated semester-to-semester, there are a number of things you may want to update before making the course site live to students.

Isidore Updates

Below is a list of items you may have in your site that need to be updated.
Please note that you might not be using all of these features or tools, so feel free to skip over any that do not apply to your sites.
Please note that this list is not exhaustive.


There are many locations within Isidore where dates can be optionally added or are required to be used. Making sure dates are updated wherever you use them will help your students stay on track throughout the semester. Many dates can be updated in bulk by using the Date Manager tool, but below are a list of locations where dates may be used.

  • Homepage Builder
    • Class meeting times
    • Course start and end Date
    • Office hours
    • Any schedule you have uploaded
    • Any syllabus you have uploaded
  • Syllabus: Any syllabus or schedule you have added
  • Assignments: Open and due dates for each Assignment
  • Tests & Quizzes: Open and due dates for each Test / Quiz
  • Forums: Open and close dates for forums or topics
  • Lessons
    • Date releases on subpages
    • Dates on subpages (use the Bulk Edit Subpages feature rather than the Date Manager tool to update these dates quickly)
    • Important dates boxes
  • Zoom: Zoom meetings don't duplicate from site to site, but you will need to schedule new Zoom meetings for each class
  • Attendance: Attendance items don't duplicate from site to site, but you will need to add new Attendance items for any class where you want to take Attendance using this tool.

Outdated Videos

One of the hardest things to do when creating videos for your class is to remember the importance of shelf life. Videos can be time-consuming to make, so we always recommend avoiding references to specific page numbers, dates in the semester, etc. for any video that you'd like to use for more than one or two semesters.

Even if you're videos do reference things that don't apply for this specific class, don't panic. It's not mandatory or even really recommended that you re-shoot the video. Just add a bit of text above wherever the video is located that corrects anything that needs to be updated in the video. And, make a note of which videos do eventually need to be updated so you can keep track for when you do have time.

We do recommend updating lecture videos every few years (usually at least every 4 years) so that you can add the latest updates from the industry, re-state any muddy points, or simply develop a higher quality video.

Broken Links

Anything you had uploaded to Isidore in your previous sites should have copied over correctly to the new site. However, links to external resources, like YouTube videos or news articles, should be checked periodically to make sure they still work.

Unused Tools

Do you have tools in your course site that you are no longer using or will never use? Students prefer to only see tools in the tool menu that are actively being used in your class. Use the Manage Tools option within the Site Info tool to hide or remove unused tools. Depending on how you're using them, here are some tools you may want to hide or remove:

  • Check-In: This tool is usually used only for a limited time in the semester. Hide this tool until you're ready for students to use it.
  • Online MID: This tool is usually used only for a limited time around mid-semester. Hide this tool until you're ready for students to use it.
  • Resources: If you are using the Lessons tool to deliver course content, we recommend hiding the Resources tool so students don't have to look in two spots for their course materials.
  • Commons: Most instructors use the Commons widget on the Overview page for their class so it's the first thing students see when they access your course site. The Commons tool is just a duplicate of the Commons widget, so it's redundant to include it in the tool menu. We recommend removing this tool.

Course Review

The Online Learning staff are pros at checking through an Isidore site and making sure it's all set to go. If you'd like Online Learning to review your course site, please complete our Isidore Site Review Request form.

Teaching Updates

Teaching should be an iterative process where each semester you try to make at least some small improvement. Before starting a new semester, take some time to review your SET feedback, or even better, any feedback you might have received from the Check-In tool or the Online MID tool. Is there anything proactive you can address and improve before the semester begins that will help students for the next go around?

Below are some suggestions of items you may want to examine.

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