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The support tool provides contact information for the instructor, tech support, and other University services. It helps put you in touch with the correct contact person, whether you are uncertain about assignment instructions, or your computer keeps crashing.

The Support tool helps connect you with:

  • your instructor for help with course content or assignment instructions
  • the IT Service Center for technical support
  • the Office of E-Learning for Isidore support or to request new features.
  • the Office of Learning Resources for learning support
  • the Information Point for writing and research support

To access the Support tool:

  1. Navigate to any of your Isidore course sites or your Isidore Home.
  2. Click on the Support tool at the bottom of the course menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. To contact any support services, click any of the Contact links near the bottom of the square panels.

How to Clear your Browser's Cache

If something doesn't look right in Isidore, it's a good idea to start with clearing your cache. This gets rid of old data your web browsers are trying to hold onto.

Instructions for clearing cache, depending on which browser you're using:

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