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Zoom is UD's synchronous online meeting tool. You can use Zoom to host a virtual lecture or meeting. Zoom can be used within Isidore, but also outside of Isidore. Zoom can be used by faculty, staff, students, and guests.

Getting Started

Instructor Quick Start Guide

Student Quick Start Guide

Setting Up a Meeting Outside of Isidore (for everyone at UD)

Operating system and browser requirements for Zoom

Install Zoom Client

Activate Zoom Account

Test Zoom

Troubleshooting Zoom

Zoom's Help Documentation

Using Zoom

Access Zoom

Add a Zoom Meeting

Join a Zoom Meeting

Host a Zoom Meeting

Invite Guests to a Zoom Meeting

View a Zoom Recording

Schedule Virtual Office Hours

Create and Share a Self-Recording

Create and Manage Breakout Rooms

Enable Screen Share for Zoom Participants


Considerations for Teaching with Zoom

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